Alzheimer & Genome Testing Service

Alzheimer & Genome Testing with Guaranteed Results

Alzheimer’s is a progressive neurological disorder that causes memory loss, cognitive decline, and behavioral changes. Detecting the disease in its early stages allows individuals to access appropriate medical care, treatment, and support services. Timely diagnosis can also provide an opportunity to participate in clinical trials or research studies aimed at finding better treatments or a cure.

We offer two convenient testing locations in Vancouver and Victoria.

p-Tau 217

  • A single analyte, ultra-sensitive Simoa immunoassay for the accurate quantification of p-tau 217 levels in blood

p-Tau 181

  • A robust and sensitive digital assay to determine the presence of Alzheimer’s biomarkers in blood


  • A nonspecific biomarker for axonal injury and degeneration


  • An SNP genotyping assay to determine APOE genotype. The APOE gene encodes an important risk factor for Alzheimer’s


  • A convenient, at-home test that provides a risk score that evaluates 31 different genes associated with Alzheimer’s

About Our Lab

At alzTEST we offer products and services for customers to learn more about their risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Our tests provide patients and physicians with information for improved prevention, diagnostics, and patient care.

Testing is performed at Lykke Labs Inc. located on the University of British Columbia campus. Lykke Labs Inc. is a clinical diagnostic laboratory with DAP ISO 15189 accreditation. Our lab provides reliable, consistent, and timely results to meet our client’s needs.

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